There has been a lot of interest in the Cozmo brand,

so I have decided to reissue some T-Shirts of the early designs

and add some original and unseen concepts as well.

The T-Shirts are available now, and can be seen in more detail, by clicking each design below.

Cozmo Three Heads T-Shirt design

Three Heads

Cozmo Alien Head T-Shirt design

Alien Head

Cozmo Alien Headphones T-Shirt design

Alien Headphones

Cozmo Fly Wheel T-Shirt design


Cozmo Barcode T-Shirt design


cozmo eizenhowzer_T Shirt design


Cozmo Free Energy Device T-Shirt

Free Energy Device

Cozmo Media Circus T-Shirt

Media Circus

Cozmo Next 5km T-Shirt

Next 5Km Rusty

Cozmo seeing Is Believing T-Shirt

Seeing Is Believing

Cozmo seeing Is Believing T-Shirt

1932 Roadster

COZMO custom order T-Shirts, click on each T-Shirt above for more details.